7/27/22 – BB The Foundry at The County – Dot Q

Pax: Brown Water, Double Pump, Mule (DR-NC), Meter Maid and YHC.

COP: We moseyed around the parking lot and then circled up for SSH, Grass Grabbers, Downward Dog, etc. before grabbing our coupons and heading over to the caboose along the RR tracks for:

Thang 1: There, we used the wall to do 3 rounds of 30 dips and 30 derkins and then we took our coupons and headed down Mt. Mercy Dr where we proceeded to:

Thang 2: Using the telephone poles as our landmarks and coupons for each exercise, we started with 50 squats. After each exercise, rifle carry (or any way you could carry) coupon to next pole. Exercises that followed were:

40 overhead presses

30 curls

20 lunges

10 skullcrushers

We went down and back and got a little rain shower and then headed for:

Thang 3: We went back to main parking lot where cones were set up as east-west markers – approximately 30 yards apart. Lunge walk with coupon between the cones and then hit 50 calf raises – rinse and repeat until time was called.

COT: Count, Name-o-Rama, announcements, intentions and prayer.

Always appreciate the opportunity to lead.

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