7/28/22 – BB Temple of Gloom at The O – Dot Q

PAX: Tron, Flo Jo, Harry Caray, Sump Pump (R), Spanx (R), Snotz, Gomer, Duff, Flood Plain, Dollywood (FNG), McAfee, YNot, Big Bird, Handbook, Dot (Q)

We began with mosey around last quarter of running path and returned to tennis courts for SSH’s, downward dog, mountain climbers, etc.

Thang 1

Grounded coupons near one corner of tennis courts and explained the board. Do first exercise and then take a lap around courts by running the long sides and bear crawling the short sides. Upon return do one exercise as prescribed on board. After returning from every successive lap, in addition to repeating first exercise, pick up the next exercise, take a lap and continue to add the next exercise to the ensemble…so on and so forth. Exercises were 20 reps each of the following (“C” denotes coupon usage):

Merkins, Squats (C), Skullcrushers (C), Mountain Climbers (single count), Burpees, Back Lunges (C) (single count), Carolina Dry Docks, Jump Squats, Manmakers (C).

We did not get thru the whole list before heading to:

Thang 2

Did 5 reps of Carolina Dry Docks at one end of tennis courts and 5 reps of jump squats at other end with Super Mario’s in between.

Last few minutes circled up for Mary.

COR, NOR and ended with announcements and intentions.

All worked hard. Always appreciate opportunity to lead.

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