BB: THE RUINER @ THE O – 6/11/2022 – DOT Q

We started on the positive note that we again had an FNG joining us, continuing the awesome recruitment run the O has been seeing of late – thx Duff!.

Pax:  Vincent (R), Haray Caray, Duff, Sump Pump (R), Spanx (R), FNG (Richard Gere (full story yet to be uncovered))

Proceeded to mosey and back to the tennis courts for the usual ensemble of warm-up maneuvers. 

We then moved out for run down the road to area adjacent to Wham Island for rounds of merkins, unverified world’s longest bear crawl and Bernie Sanders.  Picked back up on the run down to Big Rock for some partner exercise with combo of wall sits and step-ups.  Then hit the playground for rounds of big boys with partner plank and then alternating merkins and dips.

Pax hit the long road back to our starting point where the Q was reminded we had 4 minutes left so we hit the tennis courts for some Mary before time was called.   

COT:  countOrama, nameOrama, announcements, intentions, final words of thanks.


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