BB: THE FOG – 6/11/2022 – TONY MALITO Q

Forewarning, this will not be as good as Worm’s race night BB.

It all started on a cool Saturday morning and the grumbling of PAX getting their feet wet had already begun.

Disclaimers we’re given and started with SSH‘s and grass grabbers. Then what can only be called as a very confused fog merkin waterfall ensued. I’ll blame myself cause that’s what leaders do. 🙂

Before we began THANG 1, we had to get a couple sets up dips and derkins in, cause…because.

With coupons we moseyed over to the egglawn and did 50 chest presses followed 30 big boys.

Thang 2 was a nice Indian run around the entire egglawn.

Thang 3 entailed 15 man makers, followed by a 100 yard over head carry and then a 200 yard run. This stair stepped down by 5’s.

Thang 4 was another set of 50 chest presses and 30 big boys.

Thang 5 was another full loop Indian run.

Topped it off with some more dips and derkins followed by a nice 10min round of Mary.

Thanked the Lord for the day


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