BB Goshen BO 7/7/22 – Dot Q

So just after the PAX began to show we had some additional visitors in the form of our local law enforcement who were on the hunt for non-do-gooders and of course, looking at us, we were likely suspects. After selling them we are just a traveling all-male car wash team getting set up for the day, we were gold. Gold Jerry! Gold! (Extra points for reference identification).

PAX: Viking, Picasso, Twister, HBK, Cagefree, Swanee, Wolverine, Flexseal, Lumberg, Lightfoot, Steve-O, Spaz, Man o’ War, Maytag, Dot (Q)

We began with mosey to sister church parking lot for warm-up. Couple rounds of SSH’s, mountain climbers, etc. Mosey back to main parking lot where YHC had set up a large rectangle as a running loop which ties into..

Thang 1

Ground coupons near one corner of rectangle. Take a lap by bear crawling short sides and running the long sides. Upon return do one exercise as prescribed on board. After returning from every successive lap, in addition to repeating first exercise, pick up the next exercise, take a lap and continue to add the next exercise to the ensemble…so on and so forth. Exercises were 20 reps each of the following (“C” denotes coupon usage):

Merkins, Squats (C), Skullcrushers (C), Mountain Climbers, Burpees, Back Lunges (C), Carolina Dry Docks, Jump Squats, Manmakers (C).

Suffice it to say, we did not get thru all of these fabulous exercises before we moved on to..

Thang 2

Did 7’s from one end of rectangle to the other using two of the above exercises we did not get to (Carolina Dry Docks and Jump Squats) with Super Mario’s in between.

Last 5 minutes circled up for Mary and ended with announcements and intentions. Thoughts and prayers for Charolais in his recovery and we snapped group photo.

Always appreciate opportunity to lead. Strong work by the team on a warm and humid morning!

More cars to be washed in future…

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