BB: 5/5/23 The Defender at The Patriot

The PAX: SQL, Swag, Scammer, Furdays, White Bread, Yankovic (R), Rip Van Winkle, Single Source, Layover, Squishy, Holy Roller (R), Dot (Q)

PAX began to assemble and started putting down a plethora of flags which is awesome – I need to figure out how to get more for The O. Appeared we were ready to start with 10 but by the time we moseyed the lap around the courthouse we had become mightier at 12. Picked up coupons and headed across the tracks to the pavilion adjacent to the park.

The standard warm-up took place with SSH, downward dog, mountain climbers and merkins being enjoyed by all.

Thang 1: 20 reps of given exercise and then run loop around pavilion – X3 for total of 60 reps. Rinse and repeat with next exercise. Exercises: Overhead press, lunges, skull-crushers, curls and coupons swings.

Thang 2: Hit the retaining wall for 10 reps of dips, incline merkins and LBC’s – rinse and repeat. We probably got thru 5-6 cycles.

Back under the pavilion for approximately 5 minutes of Mary with usual suspects: Flutter kicks, gas pumps, American hammers and big boys. Time called.

We were very lucky this day as we had two trains grace us and the second held up the PAX for a few minutes getting to CoT but was time well spent as Rip and I were able to conclude that Muse is the best band ever.

Announcements and intentions which we had several of both were made and prayers were given for strength to those in need of lifting up. It was a great morning to be out with the guys – strong work all.

Lastly, Yankovic expertly dissected my inadequacies as a Q by not running as strongly as Kitty Litter or being able to control the train schedules. Will do better next time Yank!

– Dot

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