Back blast: 5/5/23 The Chopper with fertile myrtle

The PAX: Lockbox (AOQ), Pastel, Ladybird (R), Leno (R), Crawl, PK, ShockTop, Bombay, Sgt. Hulka (R), fertile myrtle (QIC)

The Scene: Big flower moon hanging in the clear sky. 49 degrees always feels colder than I think it should.

20 SSH i/c
15 Abe Vigoda i/c
15 Grass Grabbers i/c
Downward Dog

Thang 1 – 11’s
Mosey to bottom of the hill for 1 Jump Squat, mosey up hill for 10 Jump Lunges

Thang 2 – More leg stuff
20 coupon squats
20 monkey humpurs i/c
lap around the monument
20 coupon step-ups
20 Bulgarian split squats – 10 ea. leg
lap around the monument
20 coupon lunges – 10 ea. leg
glute bridge ring of fire up to 5

6Mom – Ab Nuclear from 10

Intentions – Leno’s mom and step-dad. Burst family as they welcome their second into the world

This morning as I woke up, the Lord put on my heart the passage from Ephesians 5 that talks about making the best use of time (because the days are evil). I can get so caught up in the distractions and useless things in life that I neglect the most important things that God has given me – relationships with his people. Today, I want to refocus my time and energy on the only thing in this world with eternal value. Aye.

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