BB- 5/14/21- The Chopper at Vets with Fertile Myrtle

WORCapri lap around the monumentImperial WalkersAbe Vigoda’sDownward DogArm Circles/Michael Phelps Thang 1: 11’s3-way Merkins on coupon(half lap around monument)Bonnie Blairs (1/2 count) Thang 2-Lil Hill Work5 Rounds done together, in between each set, sprint up hill for 10 Bobby Hurley’s:1. 30 Skull Crushers2. 40 Coupon Lunges3. 50 BB4. 40 Coupon Lunges5. 30 Skull Crushers(Time calledContinue reading “BB- 5/14/21- The Chopper at Vets with Fertile Myrtle”

BB- 4/28/21- The Bridge at Posh with Fertile Myrtle

The Scene: 0517 – Standing on my drive way waiting for our unnamed Site Q and clown car driver of the day to scoop me up, I get a call from a groggy Stick Up, “he did it again, drive yourself”. Jump in my car, fly off to Posh to find 3 eager PAX readyContinue reading “BB- 4/28/21- The Bridge at Posh with Fertile Myrtle”

Backblast – 8/5 The Tank with fertile myrtle

The Scene: 63 degrees – perfect day to be on the move. 9 hungry PAX: Bunghole, Cousin Eddie, Meatball, Nutty Professor, Tony Malito, Whitney (R), Worm, Vincent (R), Fertile Myrtle (QIC) Welcome/disclaimer Warm-O-Rama PAX numbered off and took a Capri lap around the monument Good Mornings (15 IC) Tappy Taps (15 IC) – straighten upContinue reading “Backblast – 8/5 The Tank with fertile myrtle”

3/25 The Zoom with Fertile Myrtle

The scene: Lower 40’s, but in the comfort of our opened garages, a few guys at The Mutt, and Wiki from his basement sweat studio. All warped into zoom for a virtual beatdown. The PAX (9): Aerobie (R) Grinder Larry Flynt McAfee Old Bay Plumb Bob Pork Chop Wiki Fertile Myrtle (QIC) Welcome/disclaimer – WelcomeContinue reading “3/25 The Zoom with Fertile Myrtle”

3/25 in the Zoom with Fertile Myrtle

YHC is opening up the zoom for a burner at 0530 tomorrow. Contrary to yesterday’s maiden voyage with Kilo, you’re going to want to have access to the great outdoors, as we’ll be mixing in some OYO running. Bring a wearable stopwatch if you have one for timed runs, so we can stay together. ClickContinue reading “3/25 in the Zoom with Fertile Myrtle”