BB- 4/28/21- The Bridge at Posh with Fertile Myrtle

The Scene: 0517 – Standing on my drive way waiting for our unnamed Site Q and clown car driver of the day to scoop me up, I get a call from a groggy Stick Up, “he did it again, drive yourself”. Jump in my car, fly off to Posh to find 3 eager PAX ready to mix it up.

The PAX: Ladybird (R), Jitterbug (R), Dynomite, Stick Up, Fertile Myrtle (QIC)

Motivators from 5
Abe Vigoda
Arm Circles/Michael Phelps

Thang 1 – Progressive Pearls around the Egg
*unnamed site Q who was previously feared fartsacking, miraculously appears in the gloom
1st stop – 5x burpees
2nd stop – add 10x carolina dry docks
3rd stop – add 15x copper head squats
4th stop – add 20x bbs
5th stop – add 25x  mountain climbers

Thang 2 – Partner Dora – bernie up/sprint down the bridge
75 bonnie glairs
150 gas pumps
300 overhead claps

Thang 3
1 minute balls to the wall
1 minute wall sit

6 Minutes of Mary
Captain Thor (1:4 bbs/hammer)


5/8 – Dare to Care (Asian Zing has the Q)
5/15 – CSAUP at The County

For our country
Fertile’s m’s aunt Cathy going through pancreatic cancer treatment

Fertile Myrtle out.

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