Backblast – 5/16/23 – BoW at The O with fertile myrtle

The Scene: 60ish degrees – perfect day to be on the move.

16 hungry PAX: Black box, McAfee, Russdiculous, Finkle, Masse’, Flo Jo, Tron, Yoshi, Bean Soup, Big Bird, Sump Pump (R), Smoke Stack, Doubfire (FNG), AirPod, Duff, Fertile Myrtle (Q)



PAX numbered off and moseyed over to the semi-lit school for some WoR


Abe Vigoda’s

Downward Dog

Arm Circles

Mosey to the soccer fields

The Thang

1st/2nd Rounds of Quarter Pounders with Cheese (coupons in tote):

Start out with 5 manmakers each time at the goal line

First 25 yd line – 20 Thrusters (ic)/weighted lunges

Next 25 yd line – 40 Merkins oyo/OH press

Next 25 yd line – 60 squats/calf raises

Opposite end zone – 80 mountain climbers/SSH

Ended with a set of curls together i/c

Moseyed on the backside back to the tennis court for Mary


Flutter Kicks

Gas pumps

Hold low plank


CoT – Sorry Bird, this ones not going to win the Hemingway award for literary excellence. Nothing too inspiring was said that I can recall. Finkle probably interrupted me at some point.

Naked Moleskine – Cobaines to the PAX…I heard there was some grumbling from the rear about the inordinate amount of coupon travel. I will have to consult the Handbook (unavailable on day in question) for a bylaw ruling on this grievance. There were also some issues locating reference lines for the THANG, despite YHC arriving early to scout them out. This one was on your night-blind Q, All Apologies, hope I didn’t wear out my O welcome! fm out###

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