Back-Blast Bag o Wrenches 4.19.22 – Jewel Q

This Q snuck up on me… but was excited at the opportunity to lead the fine PAX of The O. Was even more excited when I pulled up to find 2 DR Pax, one of them, and FNG. (Better have brought my A game).
Breakfast Club – DR from Lexington, SC
The Big Ish – FNG from Lancaster, PA
Harry Caray
Jewel – Q

Disclaimer given after some scrambling for extra coupons (not just the DR PAX)

COP – standard additions
The Thang – The Pre-blast called for a ruck to be brought
Pax were instructed to complete each line prior to moving to the next exercise. Any stoppage run to the far side of the tennis courts.
50 HR merkins w/ Ruck (100 if no ruck)
100 Ruck/ Coupon squts
150 OV Press w/ Ruck or Coupon
200 Split squats w/ Ruck or Coupon
Once completed – PAX moved to Thang 2
5 HR Merkins > 10 4ct Mtn Climbers > 15 Jump Squats
I think most, sans the DR guys, got a few rounds of the bodyweight work.
With 5 minutes left, we lined up for some sprints! YAY!
3 tennis courts> sprint back
2 tennis courts> sprint back
4 tennis courts> sprint back
3 tennis courts> sprint back

So, 8 total sprints to finish the day. Pretty nice little Tuesday, in my humble opinion.

Honored to lead. Looking forward to convergence. Hope to see you all there!!

SYITG – Jewel

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