BB 4/25/2022 The Patriot – AirRaid Q

Weather: Warm, about 65 deg

Pax: Layover, Mannequin, Chili Pepper, Focker, Rip Van Winkle, SnaggleTooth, Honeycomb, Ruby (R), Dinghy, Backflop, Katniss, Boss Hog (R), Single Source, Swingset, FurDays, Honey Do, AllState, Rogue, Patty, Holy Roller (R)

I began with the standard disclaimer, plus only leading my second Q in over a year of F3 since I started.

COP: Mosey around Courthouse block, carried coupons to parking lot, Side Straddle Hops, Downward Dog, Toy Soldiers, Merkins (in cadence)

We did a ladder of exercises: 10 Man-makers, 20 Overhead Presses, 30 Curls, 40 Bench press coupons, 50 Coupon Squats. After the first set of Man-makers, we ran around the courthouse block, then started again at the bottom of ladder. We completed 2 sets of exercises, then ran around the block again. We kept going up the ladder and doing more laps around the block. Focker and Backflop stayed in the lead with their quick sets and sprinting around the block!

After most Pax finished climbing the ladder, we stayed in the parking lot to complete some Core exercises. We did Flutter kicks, Rosalitas, and Hello Dollies in cadence; then finished with 25 LBCs. Focker helped me with my cadence callouts and reminded me to practice the correct finish. (Thanks for the help Focker!)

COT: We finished back at the flag with the same 21 that started the day! Announcements were made and intentions given. Great group of HIMs at the Patriot! Thanks for letting me lead as guest Q.

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