Back-Blast Tuesday 5/10/2022 – Planetarium @ The Boondocks

I’m not sure I can fully explain the workout in this back blast as it was difficult enough trying to get the 15 PAX in attendance to understand it.  However, I did hear someone say everything went “smooth” when we circled up at the end (yes, that someone was me).  The whole workout really hinged on whether Meter Maid would show up or go to the Goshen blackops.  We really needed an even number of PAX and Meter was wavering on where to go.  He was pretty excited about being at the first Tuesday Goshen BO.  However, he decided to join us at the Boondocks which was cool.  Except it caused us to have an odd number of PAX and throw off the whole workout…and then Flexseal informed Meter that the first Tuesday Goshen BO was NEXT week anyway.  Crisis averted for Meter but I had to use all my Q strength to figure out how to handle an odd number…somehow I persevered and overcame the challenge.  You might think I am being overly dramatic.  You might be right.
PAX: Holy Roller (R – sleeves), Bulletin (R – no sleeves), Colonel Klink (sleeves…confused by instructions), Yankovic (R – sleeves…talking during instructions), Flexseal (sleeves…even tho he is the site Q and should know better), Brown water (sleeves), Honey Do (sleeves), Virginia Slims (sleeves), Cochran (“long sleeves”, but mentally no sleeves), Meter Maid (sleeves – sandbag), Backflop (no sleeves…cutoff the night before), Pelican (sleeves – marathon finisher shirt…given not earned), Sputnik (sleeves I think, keys, return trip to car), Abacus (standard issue sleeves and shorty shorts), Dauber (Q – no sleeves and no effs given).
So, we warmed up with regular COP stuff, then paired up and headed to the right field corner of the baseball field for the first thang which was a simple lap around the field as follows…Partner 1 did 2 manmakers then movement forward with 5 lunges and 5 regular steps…rinse and repeat. Partner 2 ran a lap around the baseball field until they catch partner 1 and then switch places. After two rounds each, there was a backward round…run backward around the field, backward manmakers, backward lunge walk, etc.  Most PAX got it…some started doing the opposite way even though everyone else was going the correct way…I won’t name names.  
Thang 2 was similar but completely different. Starting at the crosswalk, Partner 1 did 2 manmakers then did 10 each of OH Press, Skull Crushers and Curls while taking a step forward on each.  Partner 2 ran to the flag and back, then switch up. This was really well done by most (Pelican did the wrong order of exercises though) and we all made it back to the flag with a few minutes for Mary then circled up for COT – CoR, NoR, announcements (County Fair…#MTCGA), silent intentions and a final prayer.

The Boondocks is always a blast…this morning was no exception.  You guys are awesome.

– Dauber

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