BB – 05.12.2022 – BO Goshen 

The sky Q really set the morning up for success, perfect weather, perfect number of PAX, FNGs, and one extremely bright parking lot(seriously Flexseal, you need to request dimmer switches installed on those lights)… As the Pax rolled in, I heard some chatter about the new parking arrangement, based on the chatter it’s a good improvement to prior week parking. The Pax in attendance Jitterbug (R), Yankovic (R), Virginia Slims, Light foot, Sump pump (R), Cage free, Drip Edge (FNG), Wolverine, Twister, Flubber (FNG), Heartbreak Kid, Slow Pitch, Beans, Steve-O, Spaz, Swanee, Viking, Flexseal, Honey Do (Q).

After a thorough disclaimer & CoR we headed out around the parking lot for a mosey… returning we circled for COP consisting of SSH, Grass grabbers, DD with all the extras (Viking made sure to correct me that the leg under is Caitlyn Jenner not pigeon) and 10 merkins. Next was the main thang consisting of 4 rounds of 5 exercises (flutter kicks, merkins, curls, squats, overhead press) starting with 10 each progressing by 10 to 40. Between each round pax would run to end of lot for 10 mountain climbers, 20 calf raises (pretty sure Sump Pump made up counts in his head, 5 of these 10 of those… he gets credit thou, by the end he squared up on the count. Nice work SP!), return… Making great time we moved right into a Jack Web consisting of 4 weights squats & 1 curl progressing all the way to 24 squats & 6 curls. With roughly 2mins remaining, we finished with monkey humpers, pickle pounders and, awkward eye contact. Time was called… Great to see some new HIMS and even bump into some folks I have not seen in years, Wolverine(great catching up).  Wrapping up, we circled around the flag for COT – CoR, NoR, Announcements (Dare-2-Care on 5/21 connect with jitterbug or check slack for details, Yankovic is participating in the walk for life this weekend in LaGrange checkout his post on slack), Intentions and prayers.

Next week – Goshen will incorporate a Tuesday BO to the already scheduled Thursday BO.

Solid work by all this morning!

Honey Do

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