BB: @ The Patriot – 5.16.22 – Mannequin Q

It was my 3rd Q in the last week, and was a bit nervous on how this one was going to come together. I themed it around the Patriot himself, William Oldham, and the historic beeline March featured on the placard stand next to the Patriot.

The Beeline March was a 600 mile March that William Oldham completed in 21 days. The means he and his comrades averaged close to 30 miles a day!

To replicate this them, we March in a double applesauce formation and our coupons were to resemble our rifles. We did 10 steps in step of jogging with the coupon shouldered, and then 10 strides walking with the coupon in rifle carry. There were 4 stops along the way and we did 3 exercises on each stop, each OYO for 30 reps (in honor of the daily mileage average in the Beeline March), and would include your coupon.

  • Flutter kicks holding your coupon extended in front of you (4count)
  • Squats with coupon
  • Mountain climbers resting on coupon (4count)

We lost one HIM shortly after the first station due to lingering knee injury, but Yank noticed it and brought him back to the Statue to do tabata exercises. Very thankful for Yank for doing this! I wasn’t sure exactly what do to, and he stepped up and took care of the situation.

The back part of the course was the hardest because we were going uphill. Our lines got very separated and once we got up to our stopping point we dropped our coupons and headed back to grab the 6. From that point on, we only walked so that we could keep as a group.

Ended with some Mary… Yanks classic Manatee, and Ruby choose some LBCs.

16 HIMs in total, and I hope everyone stretches and massages their shoulders, arms and backs today/tonight…carrying that coupon may not have been something everyone was used to, but we did it, and we ended together!


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