BB: B.O.@ the Patriot – 5.28.22 – Mannequin Q.

It was a beautiful cool morning at the Patriot today, we gathered in 11 HIMs, did a warmup around the block (with some monkey-humpers facing the corner of traffic). We then traversed over to the CityPlace square where I had a tabata workout setup. Here were the stations and the parameters: 60 secs work /Continue reading “BB: B.O.@ the Patriot – 5.28.22 – Mannequin Q.”

BB: @ The Patriot – 5.16.22 – Mannequin Q

It was my 3rd Q in the last week, and was a bit nervous on how this one was going to come together. I themed it around the Patriot himself, William Oldham, and the historic beeline March featured on the placard stand next to the Patriot. The Beeline March was a 600 mile March thatContinue reading “BB: @ The Patriot – 5.16.22 – Mannequin Q”

Back-Blast: The Range @ the Patriot – 5.11.22 – Mannequin Q

Warm weather made for a quick warmup this morning, we 16 men filtered in right as I was getting rolling with the disclaimer. The train had held a lot of them up. This mornings workout was down at the Cityplace courtyard. When you are in there, and the music is blasting, it makes for aContinue reading “Back-Blast: The Range @ the Patriot – 5.11.22 – Mannequin Q”

Pre-Blast – Patriot @ the Range – 5:30

You. Time. Work. There is a time for everything under the sun, or in our case, in the gloom. We rise early, not knowing all the challenges of the day before we face them, yet we rise. We band together in the dawn to welcome the sun, and we tell our minds to move ourContinue reading “Pre-Blast – Patriot @ the Range – 5:30”