BB: B.O.@ the Patriot – 5.28.22 – Mannequin Q.

It was a beautiful cool morning at the Patriot today, we gathered in 11 HIMs, did a warmup around the block (with some monkey-humpers facing the corner of traffic).

We then traversed over to the CityPlace square where I had a tabata workout setup. Here were the stations and the parameters:

60 secs work / 15 seconds rest – Repeat cycles on station…3rd cycle we alternated between plank/squats

  1. Footwork through 10 cones
  2. Thursters with Coupon
  3. Left lifts with soccer ball
  4. Dips
  5. Farmers Carry (5 gallon buckets)
  6. Pearls
  7. Stair run
  8. Carolina Wet-Docks (pushup while putting forehead into water)
  9. Wall Sit
  10. Hype/Encourager! (This one is where you go run around the hype up the HIMs)

The HIM that was the best encourager won a dozen of my chicken eggs!

We also ended with a tunnel crawl through/under the group! Got that one from Diablo!

Attendees were: Patty, Metermaid, Ruby, Malpractice, Boss Hog, Focker, Ferb, Snaggletooth, Rip Van Winkle, Borland, Mannequin

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