Back-Blast: The Range @ the Patriot – 5.11.22 – Mannequin Q

Warm weather made for a quick warmup this morning, we 16 men filtered in right as I was getting rolling with the disclaimer. The train had held a lot of them up.

This mornings workout was down at the Cityplace courtyard. When you are in there, and the music is blasting, it makes for a tight, team focused environment. Plus there’s plenty of fun ledges, stairs and obstacles nestled in the square to have some fun with!

Today was a Tabata style workout, 45s work/15s rest. I had 10 stations. We paired off so that you were working out with a partner…I think this helps with the fellowship part of F3. Getting to workout and encourage someone…no one is left behind.

The 10 stations were:

  • Side Straddle Hops
  • Plank Pushups
  • Jump Lunges
  • Dips
  • Farmers Carry (brought (4) 5-gallon buckets and filled them 2/3s with water…
  • Curl to Overhead Press
  • Stair Run
  • Carolina WetDock Pushups (pushup on the ledge in a V position where you would put your forehead into the running stream…really helped cool off!)
  • Wall Sits with Coupon
  • Encourager/Hype Station! – Go run around the hype up and encourage the other men! This one proved to add a lot of fun to the circuit…seeing some of the quieter men running around yelling and encouraging the others brought a smile to everyone’s face.

We would do 2 sets at each station, and then a 3rd set of burpees or squats…we alternated. After these 3 sets, you’d rotate to the next station.

This made for 30 minutes of work, so we had to hustle to get back and keep on time. We went through the normal announcements, and some great intentions of thinking about HIMS who haven’t shown up in a bit, and reaching out to them. Yankavic helped us remember that one. We brought it in to pray and rolled out! Excited and blessed to do it!


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