BB The Nest @ The County 5-12-22 – Flexseal Q

Weather – Perfect Spring Morning.

Site Q Timeshare – MIA (vacation apparently) This left me in charge.

Sewanee came along with me from Goshen for his fist post at The County. Solid mumble chatter to a from. Told him I didn’t know what to expect for numbers. I had seen 20 and I had seen 4. Then my only HC, Pelican sent me a DM, something about busy day with 2.0s and M’s family early arrival and was revoking the HC. The enticement of afterwards refreshments nearly got him to change his mind, but in the end thought he should stay put and be focused on the day ahead.

Arrived at The County. Captain Crunchberry’s truck is already there. Then see him finishing his lone pre-run. Shortly after, Brown Water makes his way in.

The cast is set – Brown Water, Sewanee, Captain Crunchberry, and Flexseal Q.

Disclaimer was given and moved into COP with GG, DD and Michael Phelps. Skipped the SSH for some dynamic stretching. 50 Yard Walking Toy Soldiers, Imperial Walkers, Close The Gate, Open The Gate. 100 yd 1/2 sprint, 3/4 sprint, full sprint.

Thang 1 – 11s Thruster/Big Boys

Thang 2 – 25yd Murder Bunny/Bunny Murder 400 yd lap for 5 rounds. Sewanee got some extra credit while waiting for the rest of us and got a 6th round in.

Thang 3 – Waterfall Coupon Pullovers, skull crushers, bench press and curls.

Saved time for some mary at the end.

Time was called and finished with COT.

All got better!

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