Backblast – BO @ Goshen – 5.26.2022 – Captain Crunchberry Q

Leading up to this workout, it was a coin toss. Weather reports were forecasting rain. It’s a new AO, with a lot of relatively new PAX. To my knowledge, there hadn’t been a rain day out there yet. I could be wrong. I had 2 different weinkes planned out, one for rain, and one for drier conditions. Lucky for us the was just a slight drizzle, no real rain to speak of. Temperatures were a comfortable, in the high 60’s.

Disclaimer was provided. I am not a professional, modify as needed to your abilities, disabilities, and injuries.

COP started with some Good Mornings, then some SSH, Toy Soldiers, more SSH, Grass Grabbers, more SSH, and I think something else that I can’t remember, but clearly didn’t have recorded either. But, guess what, we finished with more SSH. Then on to The Thang.

So, of course, I went with the rain day weinke. Wait, what? Oh, yeah, I kind of screwed that up. The weinkes were pretty similar. I wanted to do some TABATA to give the PAX an opportunity to talk while working out. No counting to worry about with a TABATA. The rain day TABATA had more work, less running in between.

TABATA Round 1 was arms. We did 30 seconds of work, 15 seconds of rest. Rotating through Curls, Skull Crushers, and Overhead Press. I know it is hard to believe, but there was zero mumblechatter for a while. Que Sump Pump… He has the Q on Tuesday. So he took the time to get the PAX thinking about next week. We started discussing the 5 core principles of F3. A cheat sheet might have been used. Midway through the rain picked up, and the Sky Q started advancing the TABATA randomly. I dried it up, and tried to circle back, but I think we ended up with an extra round of curls. Oh well. Once we completed 4 rounds of all three exercises we made a long lap around to the back covered area. Somewhere along the mosey Sump Pump voiced concerns for the lack of running. This is when I realized I had loaded the wrong weinke.

At the back covered area we did a Merkin waterfall. We would do 10 Merkins. When I got to 3, the next PAX would start, and I continued counting silently. Each round reduces the count by one. With 15 PAX, I likely should have started with 7 or 8, as there was a whole lot of plank in there. Oh well. Once we made it to zero, we finished the loop back to the front lot.

TABATA Round 2 was legs. Same times as before. The three exercises to rotate through were lunges, squats, and calf raises. There was slightly more mumblechatter this round. But during a rather quiet spot, I dropped a nugget of wisdom about modification. I told the guys that when we say modify as needed, we really mean it. No one is out there to be the fun police. Once completed we again made the long lap mosey to the back covered area.

Under the cover, we did a glut bridge waterfall, or Mr. Saturday Nights. I know this is hard to believe, but putting a bunch of dudes on their backside, and thrusting their pelvis region towards the sky, brought out the best mumblechatter of the morning. There was so much, I thought maybe Pelican and Dauber happened to show up in the middle of the workout.

When it was all said and done, Lumbergh, Lightfoot, Wolverine, Twister, Beans, HBK, Flexseal, Natty Lite, Viking, Steve-O, Virginia Slims, Maytag, Dracula, Sump Pump, Captain Crunchberry (Q) all put in the work, and hopefully they will all think of me while doing 12 ounce curls this weekend.

Announcements and Intentions.

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