Backblast – 6/3/22 – Baptizer @ The Garden w/ Lambeau

Today we a ran the hill. The hill symbolized life in many ways. There’s always work to be done when you’re at “the bottom”, there’s work to be done when you feel like you’re stuck “in the middle”, and there is ALWAYS work to be done when you are or feel like you’re “at the top”. Which ever direction you’re going on your journey, you should always encourage the people around you. Here’s the work we did….

(After every exercise we ran the hill. Burpees in the middle at both directions. 20 LBCs at the Top)

Lambeau Lunges (Lunge with Coupon + Overhead press at the stand up), then The Hill

20 Man Makers, then The Hill

30 Weighted Squat, then The Hill

Lambeau Lunges

40 Curls

50 Merkins

Lambeau Lunges

Great work by all. Way to show up and keep pushing!

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