Kickball BB- The County Fair 2022 – 6/4/22 – Pelican Q

After a quick warmup consisting of a heavy, 5k run and bootcamp…the main event was on – Kickball! Pelican took a quick break from complaining about the bootcamp workout and music to set up the field. Several PAX had to bolt but 11 completed the full County Fair by staying for the Kickball game. When you have 11 finely tuned athletes lining up to compete for bragging rights, if often comes down to who drafts better. Pelican and I were captains and chose our teams judiciously…It was Pelican, Pizza (semi-pro Kickball player), Backflop, Meter, and DeVitto against me, Jolly, Lambeau, Timeshare, Layover…until Hightower strolled over late and joined our team…”Mr. Irrelevant” you say? Let’s find out…

We took the field first and Pelican’s team lined up in height order to kick. They had a decent first inning…some strong kicks, fleet footed running, and unprovoked taunting. They ended the inning scoring 1 run, but after the third out claimed they scored 2 and after a bit of back and forth we just allowed the controversial run to count assuming we could get the legs going and score a bunch anyway. We only got 4 kickers up in the inning and failed to even threaten. After a decent first inning rolling, we made the switch from Layover to Jolly as pitcher. To say the game pivoted on this seemingly small change would be an understatement…Jolly induced a few meager kicks and gave up no runs in the top of the second. Team Dauber had a bit of momentum as we came up to kick, but the Team Pelican defense was up to the challenge and although Pelican was clearly tiring at pitcher they made the plays and again held us scoreless. To the top of the third and Jolly’s dominance on the mound continued…except for the backflop grounder that Jolly fielded and then fell over on top of, it was a flawless third inning. So, we were trailing 2-0 going to the bottom of the third. We did a time check and had 10 minutes remaining and a bit of arguing about whether we were guaranteed to bat last even if we hit the time limit…not sure if we resolved the dispute…I am sure it didn’t matter. Pelican was on the mound again…even though it was clear he had labored through the last inning. Well…it was quite an inning. You know how sometimes in baseball when you are in a hitting groove how it seems like there are gaps all over the field? That was us…we could do no wrong. We scored 6 runs before an out was even registered. Meter tried to invoke teeball mercy rules and claim there was a 6 run limit per inning, but we were having none of it. After a couple of Hightower bombs (NOT “Mr. Irrelevant”) and a Timeshare grand slam, we had scored 12 runs in the inning and Pelican was finally and mercifully pulled from the game. You know I don’t like to pick on Pelican so I won’t mention that he then misplayed two flyballs to right field (DeVitto was not at all vocal about it either). Anyway, the score tally was up to 15…there was only 1 out…time was running out…game was called. However, not before I pulled a muscle on my last kick…so who is the real loser in this?

Seriously though, it was a lot of fun and a great way to cap off The County Fair. Props to Pelican for getting official kickballs / organizing / pumping up the event…and in general leading the #MTCGA campaign. Also a huge shoutout to Meter for designing the bada$$ patches and convincing his M to make homemade #MTCGA shirts and hats. Oh yea…and backflop for not having fireworks for the 5k. It was a blast to mix it up and just be goofy with some county regulars and PAX from other AOs. The workouts are great, but events like today is what makes F3 special.

  • Dauber #MTCGA

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