Meter Q-County Fair Heavy 6/4/22

Meter was very concerned that Flop and I would be no shows but it’s County Fair Day and that wouldn’t happen. I just had to put more ice in my cooler and also forgot my MTCGA hat so had to run in and get it.

I got there and Worm was on the phone looking for the Nantan or any other F3 leadership. Ended up having to settle for a disgraced former Nantan, a shitty ex Comz Q and half of the current Ruck Qs (why we need two dudes to be in charge of walking with backpacks I don’t know). Anyway strong group with some regulars, some frequent visitors, some first timers and some old family members who moved away (Patriot guys).

Meter didn’t even let us stretch and made us do inch merkin things. Then he showed us his multi million dollar collection of weights and stuff (hope it’s insured) and he swore he just drove one car. Then he shows us this board with 7000 exercises on it, explains one of them and has us start. Not one of the PAX had a clue what to do but I followed him and just did what he did, until someone cut in front of me. At that point I just did the easiest exercise I could think of with the piece of equipment I was using. There was no shortage of mumble chatter, except from Jolly. He was still asleep I think. Virginia Slims got there with about 10 minutes left in the heavy (VS get that headlight looked at) and wisely sat in the car until the run. I say that because Meters play list turned to the worst motivational speeches ever-I think they were out takes from College Gameday or something. Afterwards everyone wanted to (what’s the opposite of run thru a wall?) oh it’s run into a wall.

Anyway thankfully it was over quick and we got ready for the run.

Meter kicked us off with a great start to the County Fair—I assume if I did the exercises in order they would have been awesome.



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