BB – 6/9/2022 – Cloverfield – The Garden – Diane Dukes Q

Disclaimer given, 12 PAX in all. Wide Right, Natty Lite, Mountain Momma, Subprime, Nino, Jewel, Jimmy Neutron, Meter Maid, Tin Can, Elliptical, Snap On, and YHC.

Moseyed to parking lot and circled up for SSH, grass grabbers, toy soldiers, imperial walkers, downward dog, Kendra Newmans, and Micheal Phelps. Moseyed to base of stolen souls to do 10 Ghidorahs run to top of hill and do 5 burpees and 5 X factors each leg. Then we ran to the portico and bear crawled to the curve, sprinted all the way down to the next curve and did lunge walks, did this twice. Next we ran to the top of the Baptizer and did 10 Jump Squats, ran to base of the hill and did 20 merkins. I beleive we did this 3 times, Jewel maybe did 4 rounds, picking up for Catfish while he is recovering. Then we did some sprints, burpees, bernies, and marios. Closed out with big boys, american hammers, LBC’s and elevators. Time was called.

Announcements – monthly ruck capture the flag on July 1st, prayer request for Huggies daughter and Catfish recovery.

This was my 2 year postiversary, thanked all the Garden PAX that push me, hold me accountable, and the friends that I have made. Grateful for F3, we need to always be headlocking everywhere we go. More guys need F3.


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