Backblast – BO Run at EP Tom Sawyer

As we gathered around the flag, it would end up that 8 PAX decided running is almost 80 degrees was a better idea than a Bootcamp style workout. But, they didn’t know what I had in store for them today. In the previous two sessions of this BO run only workout it has been simply running miles. Today we worked in some speed work.

We did about a mile warm up mosey to the street for the BMX track, or softball fields. Once we hit the parking lot for the softball fields, it was a hard run of about 1/4 mile back to Freys Hill. Recovery mosey back to the parking lot. Rinse and repeat for a total of 4 times, or about 2 miles.

For a recovery, we moseyed the long way through the gravel trail back to the parking lot, and ended with some stretching at the flag. I thank Jewel, Handbook, Harry Caray, Nat Geo, EasyPass, Glowsticks, and Virginia Slims for joining me this morning, and Jolly Rancher for covering my Q at The Patriot.

Announcements / Intentions.

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