Back Blast – 06.28.22 – Planetarium @ Boondocks

I’m grateful to the Boondocks HIM for having me out to Q this morning, and even grateful to Cap Crunchberry for publicly inspiring (read: shaming) a prompt production of this abridged Back Blast. Planetarium Wednesday AO is now under new management: The Tier-1 Leadership Team of Virginia Slims and…Virginia Slims. It was a fine, cool morning with six total Pax when the 0530 gun went off.

After mumbling and chattering about upcoming travel plans and general greetings, we eased into a quick set of SSHs and some light stretching. From there, we tried to pull our arms out of socket with a very long Farmer’s Carry – Tour of Boonies. Ending up behind the ball diamond’s home plate, the playlist came to life: King of Pain (Police), Twilight Zone (Golden Earring), Relax (Frankie Goes to Hollywood) were a few stand-outs. I was feeling nostalgic for the MTV starting era of the 1980’s.

Thangs: 1st series was 5 different kinds of chest/shoulder exercises, including “Boondocks Drydocks-(TM)” which are basically Carolina Dry Docks, but after each “down” motion the legs jump forward into frog position then back out (cuz deys froggies up der in dem boonies by da docks!). There was short run between each set, then a group rifle-carry lunge walk. Next series was 5 different kinds of Abs/Core exercises, but with no run…just burn up our middle parts before time was called. Good to be with these High Impact Men! All seemed to hobble away a bit fitter than when we started. COT: COR/NOR/Announcements/Prayer & Intentions. –Kitty Litter–

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