Virginia Slims Q – Defender at the Patriot – 07/01/2022

16 PAX welcomed July and declared victory over the fartsack at the Patriot!

Fartsack warriors: Holy Roller, Mannequin, Ruby, Malpractice, Saul Goodman, Patty, Gutterball, Snaggletooth, Rip Van Winkle, Borland, Swingset, Bunion, Midfield, Maytag, Depends, Virginia Slims.

I was excited to Q at this perennially well attended and well resourced AO. So excited that I planned to use the new farmers market pavilion, AKA “F3 Park”, before Boss Hog had a chance to host the grand opening tonight and take a picture to memorialize. But alas, my time management skills made my weinke a one thang wonder. After disclaimer:

COP: SSH (with highly questionable counting by the Q), Downward Dog, Michael Phelps, Kendra Newmans, toy soldiers

One and only thang: After a mosey around the courthouse, we grabbed our coupons at the startex. We did 4 corners around the courthouse, bearing coupons for the 40 minute journey. Corners were either Manmakers, Curls, coupon squats, or coupon press. Travel between the corners was rifle carry or farmers carry, depending on which sidewalk you were traveling.

Remaining 5 minutes, we did Mary including some Holy Roller signature frozen incline merkins (which filled about 3 mins 59 secs for the 10 reps).

Announcements and intentions: Chili Pepper and his family, Borland’s church friend.

Reminder to all PAX that just as we worked today, the corners (destination) are not the only focus. The sidewalk (journey) also makes us stronger and shouldn’t be ignored or forgotten. 16 showed up and 16 got stronger. Thanks for having me out Patty and the Patriot crew!

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