BB 7-15-2022 The Patriot Rip Van Winkle Q

It was a perfect dark cool morning at The Patriot. 10 HIMs arrived on time. (Ruby, Holy Roller, Patty, Sal Goodman, SQL, Furdays, Checkers, Snaggletooth, Col Klink, Rip Van Winkle). Started with some SSH, Downward Dog, Grass Grabbers, and a quick lap around the courthouse.

From there we moved to the main thang.

On a large weinke were 52 positive character traits written out. Along the sidewalk were 26 smaller weinkes with the letters of the alphabet in order. Each smaller weinke had a different exercise on it. (A=20 Big Boys, B=20 Overhead Claps, C=10 Burpees, D=20 Dips, E=15 SSH, F=Long Jumps, G=30 Calf Raises, H=20 Jump Squats, I=20 Step-Ups, J=15 Peter Parkers, K=15 Carolina Dry Docks, L=1 Lap around the block, M=20 Lunges, N=20 Merkins, O=20 Mt Climbers, P=Bear Crawls, Q=Hype up 3 HIMs, R=20 LBCs, S=20 Flutter Kicks, T=20 Squats, U=20 American Hammers, V=4 Sprints, W=15 Jump Lunges, X=15 V-Ups, Y=20 Manatees, Z=20 High Knees)

Round 1: Each HIM chose 2 character traits from the list of 52 that they felt they were strong in and lived out well. Each HIM had to spell out the word doing the exercise connected with each letter.

Round 2: Each HIM chose a word from the list of 52 that they felt they wanted to grow in. And again, Each HIM spelled out the word doing the corresponding exercise.

Finished up with some Ruby led Sunset Salutations and Holy Roller led 10 count burpees.

COT: Encouraged each HIM to think of someone who needed to have a positive character trait spoken into them this weekend and to be intentional in doing so. Announcements, Intentions and Prayer.

Highlights: Col Klink choosing the longest word on the board to start his WO. Checkers actually showing up, Furdays describing his progress since being in F3, Patty looking to improve his PT score in Planks, SQL pursuing Boldness in his life, Sal Goodman leading the group in Sprints, Snaggletooth being called out by everyone on his need for humility, Holy Roller wanting to choose 3 words because 2 was not enough for him, Ruby being pumped about the 80’s concert he will be attending this weekend that starts at 4pm.

Always a pleasure,


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