BB BO at The Patriot 6-18-22 Rip Van Winkle Q

Today was a very welcomed 62 degrees and low humidity. Snaggletooth, Focker, Mannequin and I pre-rucked 5 miles and met up with Ferb and Furdays. Did a quick grouping of SSH and Grass Grabbers. Moseyed over to City Place Courtyard. Kicked on the music which consisted of songs about the heat. Then began the mainContinue reading “BB BO at The Patriot 6-18-22 Rip Van Winkle Q”

BB Rip Van Winkle Q at Pleasantville 6-3-22

Beautiful morning, 13 HIMs, Dark venue. Moseyed to the amphitheater where we started off with a warm-up of side straddle hops, grass grabbers, and downward dog stretches. After a quick explanation, we began the 1st through 12 grade work out. each grade increased in reps. First grade equals 10 reps, second grade equals 20 reps,Continue reading “BB Rip Van Winkle Q at Pleasantville 6-3-22”