BB 8-22-22 The Minuteman at The Patriot

It was a very humbling Monday morning. By 5:24 AM, there were already 20 HIMs ready to work. By start time, there were 24 (and an FNG rolled in shortly after COP.) I say it was humbling, because looking around the circle, I was surrounded by men just as capable, and even more capable than I to lead.

This week is Q school, so the emphasis today was on modeling the structure of an F3 workout and teaching/reminding the PAX of the 5 Core Principles.

We began promptly at 5:30 am.

Provided Disclaimer

Discussed Circle of Pain

Counted off: 24 present

Mannequin, Patty, Swingset, Chili Pepper, Swag, Holy Roller (R), Xeorox, Malpractice , Rip van Winkle (Q), Yankovick (R), Focker, Snaggletooth, SQL, Single Source, Lax, Fur days, Tagalong (R), Clap Trap, Air Bud, Mom Suit (FNG), Kitty Litter (R), Saul Goodman, Virginia Slims, Back Flop

First exercise- SSH (IN CADENCE)

Discussed 1st of 5 Core Principles of F3

1 All workouts are Free off charge

Next exercise

Downward Dog (Right over Left, Right Right, Left over Right, Left Left)

Discussed 2nd of 5 Core Principles of F3

2 Workout open to all men

Next exercise

Grass Grabbers (in cadence)

Discussed 3rd of 5 Core Principles of F3

3 Workouts are held outdoors rain or shine, heat or cold

Next exercise

Michael Phelps

Discussed 4th of 5 Core Principles of F3

4 Men who participate also lead the work out in a rotating fashion, with no training or certification necessary

Mosey over to what we like to call F3 Park

Discussed 5th of 5 Core Principles of F3

5 Workouts end with the circle of trust

The Thang

Normally the site Q would be the one who would pick up the six for the day if we were to get separated. Thankful for Swag covering this today. FNG Faceplant joined at this time.

Today’s workout consisted of timed exercises.

3 minutes of 10 American Hammers, 10 Flutter Kicks, 10 LBCs

3 minutes of 10 Bent Over Rows, 10 Skull Crushers, 10 Curls

3 minutes of 10 SSH (IC), 10 Lunges (2ct), 10 Squats with Coupon

Ran a lap around F3 Park

2 minutes of Merkins

2 minutes of Long Jumps from one end of the pavilion to the other, then Bear Crawl back

2 minutes of Planking

Took another lap around F3 Park

1 minute of Overhead Press

1 minute of Chest Press

1 minute of Man Makers

Moseyed back to the statue for Mary

Swingset led us in Flutter Kicks

Xerox led us in Big Boys

SQL led us in Freddy Mercurys

Circle of Trust



Named FNGs

-Mom Suit (This is where we landed. But the other names that were thrown out there were just as good. There were so many choices because he kept telling so much about himself. It was a hard choice.)

-Faceplant (This name happened fast, great story)


-monthly ruck watch

-Man in the Arena Sept 17


-Yankovick shared about his and Malpractice’s experience helping with Eastern KY flood recovery process. Continued prayers for those impacted.

-RVW’s M is taking her National Counseling Exam today to get Licensed

Reminder of the Day: No man knows the day or hour he will leave this earth. Make the most of every interaction. You never know the lasting impact you can have on those you come in contact with.

Favorite Quotes of the Day

Yankovick, while planking for two minutes, looks around and says, “This is easy.” (And he means it)

Yankovick says to Holy Roller (standing next to him), “two old guys together.” Holy Roller quickly responds, “Who’s old? I’m not old!”

Always an Honor to Lead,


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