10/5/22 BB Rip Van Winkle Q @ The County

It was a beautiful morning to work through some feelings

Began 5:30 sharp, Disclaimer, Welcome FNG, Count off.

Warmed up with Side Straddle Hops, Grass Grabbers, Downward Dog

Informed the PAX that today we will be doing group therapy. I would be the one sharing my story and they would be the ones supporting me with their empathy.


ANGER- discussed how anger had been with me most of my life. I was constantly yelling/shut off emotionally. Did the following exercises to represent what that felt like. Had angry music in the background to assist. Completed two rounds of this.

-Archers 10 (IC)

-Murder Bunnies.

-Man Makers 10

SAD- discussed what led to this anger. Came home from college to Dad’s office to learn he was divorcing mom. Used these exercises to get the feeling of SAD (DOWN) across. Add sad music in the background to assist with this. Completed two rounds of this.

On my down

-Derkins. 15

-Squats w coupon 20

-Skull Crushers 15

CONTROL- A New Message began to play out in my life. Control everything- never get caught off guard again so i never have to feel that way again. Completed a two minute plank to help represent this feeling.

Plank 2 minutes

WORRY- The problem is, You can’t control everything. When you try, you get more worry. The more worry you get, the more angry and out of control you feel. Completed AB nuclear’s (Big boys, LBC‘s, Freddie Mercury‘s, Flutter Kick) to help represent worry.

Ab Nuclears

OVERWHELMED- spent the next 20+ years stuck in this negative, unhealthy cycle that I knew I had to get out of. But, did not talk about it, therefore stayed in it. Did a 7’s work out with squat thrusts and Burpee’s to help represent this feeling. Had overwhelming music blaring in the background.

7’s. Squats thrusts/burpees

Circled up for Mary. Discussed how I finally got help by going to a weekend retreat, liminalwork.com, which was more of an emotional beat down. This allowed me to recognize the source of my anger and deal with the roots. Followed this up with Counseling. Literally 95% of my anger is gone. Discussed how men are hesitant to share feelings and therefore get caught up in emotionally unhealthy cycles. Encouraged each HIM to recognize this in himself and to learn to communicate feelings with someone.

Finished up with two rounds of Mary.

COT, named FNG (Amy Grant), announcements, intentions, Prayer

Had a great time today! Appreciate the invite to The County. Apologies to Pelican and the issues he had with the work out. (Ha!) In my defense, I’ve never been to a “heavy work out“. i’ll remember this for next time, which he made clear they would not be one.

Always a pleasure,


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