BB – Patty Q – The Minutemen and at the Patriot – 7/18/2022

Monday morning at the Patriot is always a site to be seen. Rip and Snaggletooth are always there to greet you with a fist bump, flags are staked and ready, and car after car will start piling into the parking lot with HIM ready to get after it. Is there a better way to start the week? I’ll answer for you… No.

Borland (R)
Kitty Litter (R)
Rip Van Winkle
Ferb (2.0)
Single Source
Boss Hog (R)
Saul Goodman
Colonel Klink
Tagalong (FNG – Welcome) (R)
Virgina Slims
Holy Roller (R)
Patty Q

The Weinkie was set, I added a few new songs to the F3 Spotify playlist, and rolled up to the Patriot where there was a slight drizzle but not bad. Mannequin and Ferb (2.0) just got back from vacation and Ferb was ready to get back into the WO routine. 0530 hit, disclaimer was given, YHC had a slight oversite of our FNG (sorry Tagalong), and we mosied to the City Place Plaza for some COR. Stretches include:

  • SSH
  • Abe Vigota
  • Runners Stretch (R over L, Right/Right, Right hand to the sky Q, and switch)
  • Merkin – OMD – 10 count
  • Arm circles
  • Michael Phelps

Last of COR was a test of a new Nuclear exercise that just focused on Abs. The exercise consisted of,

  • BBS
  • Crunches
  • Freddie Murcery
  • Flutter Kicks

We started with 10 of each exercise and counted down to get to 1. Right from the beginning the rain started coming down hard and I knew this was a start to a tough 45 minutes. We finished the count, abs were burning, got a 10 count and started on the main Thang.

Main Thang #1: Coupon Ladder

Now by this point, my Domino Pizza box Weinkie was soaked and rain was really coming down, but this PAX was ready for a beat down. We did the Coupon Ladder. You do an exercise and add the next exercise after each travel for the goal to do ALL exercises by the end of the ladder. Exercise:

  • 5 Man Makers
  • 10 Curls
  • 15 Overhead Press
  • 20 Bent Over Rows

** Travel was to bear crawl to the sidewalk and back

The front runners helped pick up the six and as we are all working, tired, and getting better, extra shoutout to Boss Hog holding plank waiting for a few other to wrap up their WO and Malpractice and Holly Roller doing bear crawls in the rain while the rest of the PAX was cheering him on. THAT will forever be a memory I will hold onto. THAT is F3! Great work fellas!

We had a few 10 counts and went into Thang #2

Main Thang #2 – Merkin Ladder

We would use the same ladder format as before, but this time it would be just be focusing on merkins. Exercise:

  • 5 Merkins
  • 10 Incline Merkin
  • 15 Derkin- Decline Merkin
  • 20 Hand Release Merkins

*** Travel was to run around the fountain

During this whole time, rain was pouring down and the playlist was hitting all the right songs to keep us going. At one point there was a flood gathering up over by Focker, Colonel Klink, and Kitty Litter, but they were still busting out merkins like it was nothing. We picked up the six and finished for the last bit.

We mosied to the bottom of Heartbreak Hill for 1 quick sprint from stop sign to stop sign with a mosey back and last was 1 everything you got sprint to the top of the hill. It was 0615 (a little late finishing), we picked up the coupon and headed back for the CoT.

Count- O- Rama: 18

Name -O-Rama: 1 FNG – Welcome Tagalong!!

Announcements: the Avenger needs Q signups.

Intentions: Lift up those battling sickness and surgery, continue to lift up those recovering, and for protection of the family unit and all the bad that try to take it away.

Finished with a thank you to this group and a soundbite from a motivational speech that, for me, m represents why we are all out here chasing the win (whatever that means for you). We ended with the Sky Q’s prayer and were out. Until next time…


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