BB: The Range @ The Patriot – Furdays Q (8/10/22)

Rolled up a few minutes earlier than usual and was greeted by Honeycomb, who I hadn’t seen in a few months – glad to have you back out brother. I setup the stereo down the street from where I knew the workout would take place & came back to a good crowd showing up. Sixteen HIM arrived ready to work, including an FNG – welcome Cover Up!

The theme of the workout was ‘choose your own adventure’ which allowed each PAX to choose a workout during the session. Each round would consist of a 100 yard run, followed by a 10 count of the selected sessions, and then the next PAX up would give a 10 count + the new workout after the next 100 yards. So an iteration went something like this:

Using the # from the countaroma we went in order

  1. PAX #1 selects the workout we will do after the 100 yard run, and GO
  2. The first people to complete the 100 yards have an option to circle back and pickup the 6, or start the selected workout
    • The 10 count did not start until all PAX finished the 100 yards
  3. After the 10 count is completed, PAX #2 gives a 10 count, announces the next workout and rinse repeat

We were able to get through 20 rounds of varying merkins, core, squats, coupon work, and ended up being a great full body workout.

The concept of the workout stemmed from a ‘choose your own adventure’ – my son is starting kindergarten today (our eldest and first school age), and I just think about all the possibilities for his life. He’ll be faced with hard decisions, different paths (good and bad) and its our role as fathers to help steer them so they make good decisions.

But this concept also stems into our everyday life. We are faced with many decisions, could take our paths many different ways, and our families, friends, community look to us to lead. Through the workout, we were able to replicate this in a small way. You may sprint your 100 yards and be feeling the burn of the workout and you have a choice to either push yourself further, or go back and support others. There really is no wrong answer or choice, but

A) you always have to keep going

B) you have to think of others

C) you are never alone & have others to lean on

Honored to lead this group of HIM today, great work by all!


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