PB: 9/15 The Bridle @ The Stable (Furdays Q)

I have a confession. I’ve been struggling lately. Unsure if it’s that time of the year, if I’m just in a rut, or what the deal is but I’ve been struggling with motivation lately. Motivation at work, motivation to invest time with my family, motivation to eat better and just feeling stuck in the wheelContinue reading “PB: 9/15 The Bridle @ The Stable (Furdays Q)”

BB: The Minutemen @ The Patriot – Furdays Q (8/15/22)

Having just Q’d a few days back, I struggled with exactly what I wanted to do for this Q. I sat there Sunday for maybe an hour thinking about some creative game we could play, fun workout or something innovative and then it hit me that we have Man in the Arena next month andContinue reading “BB: The Minutemen @ The Patriot – Furdays Q (8/15/22)”

BB: The Range @ The Patriot – Furdays Q (8/10/22)

Rolled up a few minutes earlier than usual and was greeted by Honeycomb, who I hadn’t seen in a few months – glad to have you back out brother. I setup the stereo down the street from where I knew the workout would take place & came back to a good crowd showing up. SixteenContinue reading “BB: The Range @ The Patriot – Furdays Q (8/10/22)”

PB – 8.10.22 – The Range @ The Patriot

Back to school, or for some of us (like myself), the start of school. Our eldest son starts kindergarten and it reminds me of the all the possibilities he has for his life. His future is bright, and he will be faced with many hard decisions in his life, to pick his own path, andContinue reading “PB – 8.10.22 – The Range @ The Patriot”

BB: The Range @ The Patriot – Furdays Q

Beautiful morning in La Grange with 11 HIMS in and around our historic downtown. Appreciated Jimmy Neutron coming out who was the one that got me out to F3 in the first place when he usually posts at the Garden. Been a tremendous growing experience since joining F3 as an FNG on April 6th havingContinue reading “BB: The Range @ The Patriot – Furdays Q”

PB – The Range at The Patriot– Furdays Q

Join us for a Dora style workout with a theme of “Virtuous Friendships.” A good friend of mine put me on to this term a few years back and it has really stuck with me on ways to be an impactful friend, brother, leader, etc. Bring a coupon, an FNG and let’s get after it.Continue reading “PB – The Range at The Patriot– Furdays Q”