PB: 9/15 The Bridle @ The Stable (Furdays Q)

I have a confession. I’ve been struggling lately.

Unsure if it’s that time of the year, if I’m just in a rut, or what the deal is but I’ve been struggling with motivation lately. Motivation at work, motivation to invest time with my family, motivation to eat better and just feeling stuck in the wheel of life. Isn’t the first, or last time I’ve felt that way but luckily since April, I’ve had F3 to keep pushing myself.

This has been an awesome journey so far and it’s been a pleasure meeting more PAX, seeing the Patriot grow to an average of 20+ each workout, and getting the opportunity to Q now multiple times and at different sites.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve had the pleasure of Q’ing away from the Patriot (last week at the County) and this morning at the Stable. Shoutout to Swag for connecting me with other site Qs. Both locations provide great support, friendly atmosphere and groups ready to get better.

After a warmup, 11 PAX got after it —

The Thang

4 quarter workout w/ a football theme:

Quarter 1
150 Merkins
150 Squats
150 LBCs

Quarter 2
5 murder bunnies followed by 5 man makers
–lots of complaints here which is expected // as Swag said, this was a plagiarized workout from my one trip to the Garden

Halftime – 2 minute plank

Quarter 3
150 Curls
150 Shoulder Press
150 Chest Press

Quarter 4
30 second interval sprints x 10

~1 minute of squats

In life, you have different quarters of your life. Only God knows what quarter we are in and how long we will live, but the thing to remember is that no matter how much time is left on the clock, there’s opportunity to get better, work on relationships with family, God, friendships, and focus on having a fulfilling life.

I may be in a rut lately but I know there’s time to work on it, make improvements each day, and overtime things will improve. Life’s not always a perfect straight line, but we just have to keep going.



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