Pre-Blast 09.16.22 – El Garden (Kitty Litter Q)

Well, this should be interesting. YHC went to the doctor today to assess an elbow ligament tear. I explained to Doc that I’m Q’ing a very important AO in the morning and could she help? Blank stares…nada. I said, never mind…just let me know if I’m cleared to do Murder Bunnies? As the Doc reached for the phone to call P.E.T.A., I said, No wait…I can assure you that only human animals (Pax species) will be made to suffer. Further explaining to Doc that it was just bunch of grown men at 5:30a (at a church, mind you) jumping over coupo…err, I mean cinder blocks, while dragging forward said blocks, and mumble-chattering out of our collective head holes. Doc advised that what I just described might be a bad idea for anyone anywhere at any time with or without injuries. So then, I reasoned, looks like if we won’t die, then we can commence getting stronger! All cleared Gardeners! Anyway, bring yourselves and one FNG out to the Garden in the morning — an AO where they haven’t gotten up for easy since the early ’90s. You may start to regret it around 5:40a, but by the time COT rolls around, your upcoming weekend will seem like a piece of cake. SYITG. –KL–

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