BB Pizza VQ – 9.14.2022 The Patriot

One bite – everybody know’s the rules.

First of all thank you. F3 has been a critical part of my life since my first post May 8th, 2022. What a rag tag bunch of hoodlums all out to live their best lives, get better, learn, lead and grow.


Coupon mosey from the La Grange courthouse statue to what I call “Parking Lot B”. With 24 HIM – We needed room for what was next…

Circle up; 20 SSH; 10 Toy Soldiers; 10 rep 4 count nuclear

Partner up – Partner A to do long jump to merkin across the parking lot; Partner B to do rifle carry to thruster across the parking lot. You’re a team; Cannot pass your partner. Once across parking lot 25 SSH. Switch exercises to return position and do 25 squats. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat! My thighs are still sore, but it’s good to know I still have them. Story’s say Pizza made Holy Roller sweat… tall tale or reality?

Fake out cool down: Circle up; 10 rep 4 count nuclear (conclusion of the nuclear sandwich*)

Heart rate back up with: 4 reps of 1 minute fast feet to merkin on my down; each set tougher than the last…

Coupon mosey back to the statue and finish with 1 minute of flutter kicks.

Accouncements, Intentions

I explained to HIM about my neighbor and good friend Chris who had a stroke a couple of months ago and lost movement on the left side of his body and majority of his speech. He is recovering nicely, but reminded me to take a step back and go back to the basics. Let’s take 10 seconds of silent prayer to reflect on the fact that we have fingers, toes, limbs, organs, healthy blood running through our body, and the cognitive capability to make well informed decisions… like coming to Pizza’s VQ!

I look forward to leading more workouts. Let’s go!



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