BB – Cloverfield at Garden- 9/15/22 – Edward Scissorhands

Todays Q was a Top Gun Maverick theme for my two year postiversary.

Quick stretch jumped right into Side Straddle hops that increased in vigor with the intro song to Top Gun. Next we aligned in a V formation for an all out G Force run up the Hill of Stolen Souls and back around the campus to the base of the hill while Danger Zone and Great Balls of Fire blared along with us. 8 minutes of nuclear abs followed. Again, back in V formation. Hold the flank of your wing men and back up the hill we went at G force pace. At the bottom of the Baptizer we did two minutes of downhill Merkins followed by a Bernie all the way back up the hill. 2 minutes of squats followed by lunges all the way back down the Baptizer. V formation run over to far parking lot. 7-8 minutes of non-stop offensive football ensued while I Ain’t Worried rang out from the speaker. Fun was had. Back in V formation for one last hard run to the flag while the Top Gun Anthem echoed across the valley and fueled our strides.

COT and great work by all.

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