PB- 9/14/2021- 🍀 Cliffs 🍀 Garden – Edward Scissorhands Q 1yr Postiversary

On the eve of my 1 year postiversary, we will work the core and do some running. Hills, probably. Sprints, probably. Core definitely. Coupons on site will be used. Unlike my first post (IPC) we won’t be doing hundreds of squats and merkins, but you will ABSolutely feel the work the next day.

PB – The Bridge at Poshlands 08.04.21 – Edward Scissorhands Q

On Wednesday I assume the Site Q role at the Bridge at Posh and will be leading the workout. Since I’m the new guy we are gonna break out of the regular confines and explore the vast opportunities that this park has to offer. Running shoes and headlamps are recommended. Ehhh… and let’s go aheadContinue reading “PB – The Bridge at Poshlands 08.04.21 – Edward Scissorhands Q”