BB – Cloverfield at Garden- 9/15/22 – Edward Scissorhands

Todays Q was a Top Gun Maverick theme for my two year postiversary. Quick stretch jumped right into Side Straddle hops that increased in vigor with the intro song to Top Gun. Next we aligned in a V formation for an all out G Force run up the Hill of Stolen Souls and back aroundContinue reading “BB – Cloverfield at Garden- 9/15/22 – Edward Scissorhands”

PB_The Fog at Posh 07/30/22 w/ Edward Scissorhands

60 Degrees and No Rain. Sounds like a perfect time to cover some ground at the Majestic Fog at Posh. Come out for a full body Saturday Smackdown. We will use some typically “unexplored” areas of the park. It will be a mash up and mix up of exercises! Coupons (not sand bags) needed andContinue reading “PB_The Fog at Posh 07/30/22 w/ Edward Scissorhands”

PB-07/15/22 -The Baptizer at the Garden w/ Edward Scissorhands

Do not ABStain from coming to the Garden tomorrow.  It looks to be an ABSolutely perfect morning for a solid workout.  And don’t ABScess about what type of work we will be doing.  It will be good and there will be no reason to ABScond during the middle of the workout.    Wear super ABSorbent clothesContinue reading “PB-07/15/22 -The Baptizer at the Garden w/ Edward Scissorhands”

BB – Pleasantville 6/10/22 w/ Edward Scissorhands

Stretched and then hit the pavement with our 9 man Indian Run around the loop. We paused at the soccer field to do some footwork drills of up, down and side to sides. The Q stumbled with the left and rights while facing the HIM’s so there were several ”shit”’s dropped during that exercise. WeContinue reading “BB – Pleasantville 6/10/22 w/ Edward Scissorhands”

PB – Edward Scissorhands at The Baptizer @ The Garden 5-20-22

This week has been full of high impact Q’s out on the East Side of Town. We have worked the “booties” thanks to Bacon, did a 4 mile “native american” run with Focker and bear crawled 2.5 football fields length with Mountain Mama. So tomorrow we are gonna focus on a full body beatdown toContinue reading “PB – Edward Scissorhands at The Baptizer @ The Garden 5-20-22”

PB – Friday the 13th at Pleasantville w/ Edward Scissorhands 05-13-22

It’s going to be a THRILLER tomorrow at Pleasantville for Friday the 13th. We will find out how scary this picturesque little town can be. Be prepared to embrace the darkness, run from your fears and push yourself to brink of exhaustion. Bring those coupons to chase off the demons and be ready to move.Continue reading “PB – Friday the 13th at Pleasantville w/ Edward Scissorhands 05-13-22”

4.28.22 Pre Blast – BO at Goshen w/ Edward Scissorhands

Come out to the newest F3 Louisville location for a Wheel Of Fun burner. We will let the wheel decide our fates. We will work out in a group. We will use coupons. We will crawl, jump, squat, hop, run and lunge. Expect a full body workout with some Nuclear Abs at the end forContinue reading “4.28.22 Pre Blast – BO at Goshen w/ Edward Scissorhands”

PB – BO @ Posh – Edward Scissorhands 3/05/22

Kick off you weekend at the Poshlands tomorrow morning. It will be 50 degrees and pleasant as the deer graze, bunnies hop along the park road and the sun wakes up over the eastern hills. It’s a pretty magical place to start your day. NO COUPONS needed, but running shoes and gloves recommended. We areContinue reading “PB – BO @ Posh – Edward Scissorhands 3/05/22”

BB – The Range @ The Patriot – Edward Scissorhands 3/02/22

It was a calm, cool but comfortable morning. There was no rain, no wind and no blistering cold. All was calm. Until 15 HIM’s united at the Lagrange Courthouse Square for 45 minutes of movement. Introductions of Tom, the FNG were quickly followed by COP. A brief Indian run around the square and church gotContinue reading “BB – The Range @ The Patriot – Edward Scissorhands 3/02/22”