BB – 5/18/23 Edward Scissorhands Q @ The Bridle at The Stable

Started with a little stretchy stretch.

Then a 1 mile Indian Run. There were grumbling a from the crowd. White noise to me though. Ha

Returned for some partner work. One partner farmer carried up a mild i liane for about 300’. 20 monkey humpers and farmer carry back to starting point. Second partner bear crawled down a mild decline for about 175’. Then did 30 X Factors. Bernie back up to starting point. Both partners did 20 coupon squats and then switched directions. We did three rounds of these.

Then another little 1 mile Indian Run. More grumbling. I think the ex-site you may have told me to go F myself. Ha

Returned in time for a minute of LBC’s,then COT.

Solid work by all.

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