BB – The Max at Bayside 5/23/23 w/ Edward Scissorhands

55 degrees, clear and beautiful morning. Quick stretch session and then off to do a 1/2 mile Indian Run 15 men strong. Picked up #16 back at start. Made the lap and then did some footwork drills, forward, side and backwards up and back the parking lot. Next was four corners. Karaoke 90 yards across parking lot. 30 monkey humpers. Lunge walk 50 yard down parking lot. 30 merkins. Karaoke 90 yards back across parking. Bernie back to start.

Next we did some partner work. Stationary coupon work while other partner runs down hill and bernies back to coupons. Then switch. Coupon work included curls, squats, bench and lunges.

Finished up with six minutes of Mary.

Good work from all.

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