BB 5/16/23 Planetarium at Boondocks w/ Edward Scissorhands

May 16, 1986….Top Gun released in America. Today….12 fools honored that release with a top gun inspired workout. (Disclaimer, the workout pulled motivation from both the original 1986 film and the 2022 sequel)

Quick stretch and we were off. Playlist was obviously Top Gun soundtrack and each exercise correlated with a song or group of songs.

First. Side straddle hops for about 3 minutes. I mean…it’s a military based movie so you gotta have some jumping jacks.

Next. V Formation .6 mile run

Then some G Force (nuclear abs) for 6 minutes

V Formation .25 mile run

Bear crawl/merkin Jack Webb (had to have push ups in there)

Lunge walks and Bernie’s

V Formation .25 mile run

15 minutes of No-Stop Pass Pass Pass Football!

We worked, we sweat, we played! Great work by all!

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