BB – Night Rangers – Furdays Q

25 took on the night rangers reboot at the county including 8 new FNG 2.0s.

Was so much fun seeing the smiles, water breaks, modifying “can do” attitude from all involved.

This is a great way to engage your 2.0s and introduce them to F3; giving them a glimpse into what we all go through in the gloom every morning.

The thang:


Animal races (bear crawl, frog jumps, crab walk, kangaroo, cheetah, monkey “dance”, human walk, swan)

“Obstacle course” – myriad of squats, Merkins and various travels through flags & over the “snake”

Sharks & Minnows – traditional at first and then a variance where the 2.0s had to tag the the Pax forcing the pax to do merkins & birpies.

Walk cool down + 2.0 ruck using 2.0 as ruck sack

Red light green light

Ended in some Mary.

CoT was great with opportunity to name our 8 FNGs

Lil Swag
Night Rider
Bo Knows
Snoop Dogg

Ages ranged from 4 to 15!

Prayers for Mona’s surgery & all our 2.0s who couldn’t make it as they are our future.

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