05/25/23 Pre-Blast: The Big Kapowski @ Bayside – Spam VQ

Take me out to the Gloom Park! Tomorrow, we’re squaring the Circle of Pain into a diamond and taking part in the F3National Pastime. We’re out of beer and peanuts but the concession has Cracker Jacks with plenty of surprises in store. Bring a coupon, pet rock, or other gravitationally-challenged inanimate companion and the first five zero [edit: supply chain issues] attendees will get a commemorative Spiced Ham Bobble Head. Gloves are a bonus [the non-baseball types are preferable].

Start: 0530

Weather: 70 and Clear…like it matters because this game isn’t getting rained out.

We’ll be doing a combination of weights and moseys or sprints and hopefully have some fun pretending we were actually lazy baseball players.

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