BB Finkle Bridle at the Stable

Incredible morning to put in some work. Thanks for having me out Steve-O. No burpees were the request after Lambeau ruthlessly wrecked this crew Tuesday morning.

15 we’re given a quick disclaimer and we were off and running.

Warm up featured your standard SSH, Grass grabbers, down dog, and some shoulder exercises.

We then took a quick mose around the parking lot arriving at the location for workout one. 6 sets of 15 reps on both ends with Karaoke travel in between. 180 reps. Exercises on both ends were jump squats and merkins.

Workout 2- 10 sets of 15 jumping jacks with sprints as the choice of travel in between. 300 total jacks.

We took a mose back to our starting point where we indulged in a bear craw/crab walk merry go round. This sucked worst than I even imagined mainly due to a Sump Pump gas leak.

Work out # 3- lots of sweaty pax and few 10 counts were required.

-Big Boys 20 (on down)

-Shoulder Press (20)

-Flutter Kicks 20

-Man Makers (10)

-American Hammers 20

-Shoulder Press (20)

-Mt Climbers 20

-Kettle Swings 20

-pickle pounders 20

-bent over rows 20

-Davinci’s 20

-Man Makers (10)

It was then time for a little Mary- Elevators open/close, LBC’s, plank burner.

467 calories burned on the whoop with an Avg HR 134, Max of 174. 33 minutes spent in zone 3-4 is good enough for me.

We won this morning and grabbed that 1%, don’t forget to post Friday you bunch of animals. Aye!

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