05/25/23 Back Blast: The Big Kapowski @ Bayside

My three 2.0s and I were accompanied by 8 other PAX for an F3-ified take on baseball. Gates opened at 5:30 and there was a quick mosey around the flag and back. We circled up to do some pre-game warmups including Cracker Jacks (aka squat jacks), toy soldiers, and the customary downward dog sequence.

With a 90-foot baseball diamond meticulously set on the parking lot matching the pros, we deconstructed the Burpee into more manageable components. 3 PAX per base, started with squats followed by a run to the next base. Leg thrusts at the next base, merkins at the third, and finished with Bobby Hurleys at the final base. Rep count was 3 (strikes), 4 (balls), 7 (World Series games), and 9 (innings)…then decrement back down 7/4/3.

Next came the Cycle…which as I told the crew I had only learned what that was when I played MLB The Show 2018 on the Playstation. We kept our coupons in the Dugout area and did our curls then ran to first base and back to home. Rep count for all exercises in the dugout was 20. Next was weighted lunges and then a run to first-then-second base and back to home. Bench presses were paired with the run to third base and back. For the run around the diamond, we did weighted squats. Then, decrementing the base running, we paired overhead tricep extension with the third base run, hillbilly walkers with second, and curls to finish off at first. As we finished, we lined up near the third base line in Al Gore and did the wave as the remaining PAX came home.

For the post-game, we did a sampling of ab workouts.

Everyone got better and for my first Q, it felt like a good one…the second half of the cycle was an audible to make sure we filled the time out right and it prevented us from doing the exercise I had in reserve…which was a Home Run Derby (a modification of an Indian run). Since the baserunning in the first two trips around the diamon was more than I anticipated in the design phase, this was a good change of plans in my estimation.

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