Pre-Blast 5/25/23 Bridle at the Stable

This will be my 2nd Q at the Stable. I am pretty darn excited for this Thursday morning. A big number of these HIMS have been traveling to get the most of the F3 experience dating back to IHC. It’s why I am all jacked up to lead. These are my people!

Start: 0530 sharp

Weather: 58 Clear with NE 8mph wind

Coupons/Sandbag are required

I don’t plan to waste anyone’s time. We’re going to work together and burn some big calories.

We are going to keep that Heart Rate in Zone 2 and 3 all morning. We will also make sure we spend a minute or 2 in zone 4 to grab that 1% we’re all chasing. If you hate burpees we can be friends. Those sums of batches won’t be on Finkle’s weinke. Bring your running shoes, a desire to work harder than you usually do, and an FNG. Flexseal get the hype train rolling, your boy likes a party! My patriot boys know where to find me, come get you some!

Bringing that BFE tomorrow! #SYITG

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