Back Blast 9-20-2022 Planetarium @ The Bookdocks

A lot of running this morning at the Boondocks. 7 PAX showed for a pretty solid calorie burn – Le Pew, Cochran, Lucky Charms (2 year postiversary….and a “welcome back”), Yankovic (R), Honey Do, Virginia Slims, Dauber (Q).

We took a long lap to warm up before COP, then headed for the basketball courts for the main thang which was very simple. We did one set of 11s for the entire workout. T-Merkins at the basketball court and V-Ups at a cone placed in the parking lot (adult cone). There was a second adult cone but no one paid any attention to it. However, there was a baby cone in between where we stopped each way for three burpees. One set of 11s took the entire time as the cone was moved further away on each trip out.

We ended up with over 3 miles covered, 55 T-Merkins, 55 V-Ups, 60 Burpees.

Ended right on time for COT around the flag

  • Dauber

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