PB – 09.22.22 – Agony at The County (Kitty Litter Q)

YHC was thinking the other day about all the “linear” (straight up & down) coupon movements we’ve suffered in the gloom recently: Curls, Man-Makers, OH Presses, Skull-Crushers, etc. Those are all fun and swoleful, but YHC started brainstorming all the other possibilities that our humble blocks of concrete might offer. I came up with 20+ exercises, all coupon-based, that show the versatility and effectiveness of what $2.17 gets you at Lowes Depot (unless you have a Garden-like stash of fancy concierge blocks on-site). The soundtrack is loaded up and ready to go. We’ll mix it up with some heart-rate thumping short runs and maybe a bit of partner work as well. Get ready to kick names and take asses! (…or, uhh, something like that). Bring an FNG…and, duh, your favorite coupon. SYITG. –KL–

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