09-29-2022 Back-Blast The Agony @ The County

I believe this is 2 of my Qs in a row that were rated “Good-ish” by Abacus so I am feeling pretty good about myself at this point. Other than that little tidbit, I will keep this short and to the point…

PAX: Abacus, DeVitto, Crockpot, Snack Shack, Kitty Litter (R), Holy Roller (R), Double Pump, Cratchit, Dauber (Q)

We ran quite a bit this morning with suicide running and declining reps of exercises at three cones along the length of the back parking lot…plus 4 laps around The County in total counting warm up and “rest” laps. Snack Shack thought Thursdays at The County was the heavy day :). For the exercises, we did merkins, flutters, jump squats, hammers, and curls…plus a ton of manmakers.

We also listened to Coolio, but none of his songs that I know (or that the PAX promised me I would know).

COT included a lot of announcements (convergence, Oct ruck, etc.) as well as intentions, prayer and the normal stuff.


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